Case Studies

Some complaints and enquiries received by the Community Visitor Program are easily resolved. Others are less so.

In this section of the website, complaints and enquiries, with actions taken by community visitors and their outcomes are described. In all cases, details are sufficiently changed or blurred to ensure the confidentiality of all people, staff and carers involved.

Wanting to Go Home (2014-2015 CVP Annual Report)

When the Community Visitor went to see Tobias, he said that he was feeling okay but he wanted to go home. Tobias is on a supervision order that requires him to live there. 

The Community Visitor talked to the house manager, to find out where Tobias’s family lives and how often he is able to visit. The house manager said that Tobias’s home community was three hours away, and he had not visited anytime that year. 

With the Community Visitor’s advocacy, including with Tobias’s adult guardian, a visit home around Christmas time was arranged and plans were put in place for more regular visits next year.