Our Vision and Strategic Objectives


The human rights and dignity of people affected by mental illness or cognitive impairment in the NT are respected and protected.


To be an independent and accessible service which is recognised for:

  • Its response to the voice of people in the NT receiving services visited by the CVP under the Mental Health and Related Services Act and Disability Services Act; and
  • Promoting the rights of people in these circumstances through advocacy, complaints resolution, monitoring and reporting.


Respect: We value the voice and opinion of our client group, staff and service providers by respecting knowledge and expertise, acting courteously at all times, respecting others’ privacy, being inclusive and ensuring cultural safety.

Empowerment: We walk alongside our clients, seeing the situation from their perspective, appreciating that all points of view are valid, striving to understand their journey and maintaining hope at all times.

Courage: We provide a robust service to our clients by giving frank comment, advocating for them, having the courage to communicate an outcome even if it may not be welcome or well received, and challenging services which are not respectful of the rights of individuals, including their right to high quality treatment and standards of care.

Independence and Integrity: We act ethically, openly, honestly and fairly by identifying and avoiding any conflict of interest, maintaining confidentiality, resolving complaints impartially and fairly and being accountable.

Strategic Objectives

  • Operate the CVP in accordance with requirements of the Mental Health and Related Services Act and Disability Services Act.
  • Improve CVP governance and capacity to encompass the expanded role under the Disability Services legislation.
  • Increase recognition of the CVP and its role throughout the Territory.