“When we finally found out where they had discharged him to, he was in a mess, scared stiff, cold … how could they have discharged him there, he had no money or anything.” - C/2015/257

Our Organisation

The Community Visitor Program (CVP) is a legislated means of protecting the legal and human rights of people receiving mental health and disability services in the Northern Territory.

The CVP provides a specialist complaints resolution and advocacy service. It is one of the systemic ‘checks and balances’ to ensure that the standard of the services provided under the relevant Acts is of a high quality and that people’s rights are protected.

The CVP is located in the Anti-Discrimination Commission (ADC). The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is appointed as the Principal Community Visitor (PCV). This guarantees the CVP’s independence from the providers of the services. The services are the responsibility of the Department of Health.

CVP Organisational Structure

The CVP team is comprised of:

  • The CVP Manager (this role does not have a statutory function, although the Manager is appointed as a Community Visitor);
  • Two CVP Coordinators, who are appointed as Community Visitors under relevant legislation; and
  • Sessional Community Visitors and CV Panel members as required.

The CVP Manager is responsible for the overall direction and management of the program. The CVP Manager also ensures that Community Visitors and CV Panel members are properly appointed and aware of their statutory responsibilities.

The CVP Coordinators are responsible for ensuring regular visits occur at facilities, and coordinating the work of sessional Community Visitors as required. At times, sessional Community Visitors are employed to ensure that the visits occur as regularly as required and to cover Community Visitors’ leave and other commitments.

The CVP Coordinators respond to complaints and enquiries, liaise with the service, and prepare quarterly reports on the work of the CVP.

CVP Organisation Structure